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Container Management Systems

The Container Managament Systems (CMS) project advises farmers and users on how to handle pesticide product packaging and protects the farmer from unnecessary exposure. It trains the farmer to make the best use of the entire product by promoting the triple rinsing method, and it enables farmers to dispose of used packaging safely.

As of December 2014, in ECPA network countries there are 31 established container management programmes run solely by the industry, with partners or by municipalities; several programmes are very well established, with some already running for more than 20 years.

In 2013, data was collected on 10 of these container management programmes, revealing that over 16,000 tonnes of containers were recovered, of which 72% were recycled.

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Triple rinsing with an integrated rinser

Manual triple rinsing with a field sprayer

Triple rinsing with a knapsack sprayer