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Transport & Storage

The bulk transport of pesticides is governed by regulations on the transport of hazardous goods by road. Pesticides should be transported by people who are experienced and/or licensed to transport such products and be transported in properly equipped vehicles.

The safe storage of pesticides on farm, forestry and crop spraying company property is essential to prevent potentially harmful exposure of operators and the environment. In order to safeguard health and safety, there are rules governing the safe storage of pesticides.

Pesticides should be kept in dedicated pesticide stores, separate from other buildings and always above ground. 10 metres is regarded as the minimum distance between a plant protection product’s store and another building. Where this is not possible, the walls separating the store from other buildings should be solid. The site of the store should be no less than 10 metres from any water source and should never be situated on a steep slope or in a location vulnerable to flooding.

Appropriate storage should maintain the quality of products and ensure the safety of workers who have access to them. Pesticide products should be stored exclusively in their original containers and be readily identified from their labels. The oldest product in the store should always be used first, in line with the rule, 'first in, first out'.