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Disposal of Obsolete Stock

Pesticides may become obsolete for a number of reasons; the product may have expired or be superseded by a more efficient alternative. It is also possible that a change in legislation requires that a product is no longer used.

Large stockpiles of obsolete products are often the result of poor stock management and uncoordinated aid donations (e.g. for locust control in Africa) where product aid supply exceeds local demand.

Obsolete stocks are a global issue; an estimated 500,000 tonnes of obsolete stocks require proper disposal - much of this is to be found in developing countries.

ECPA is a member of CropLife International, the coordinator of the CropLife Obsolete Stocks Programme. The Obsolete Stocks Programme is committed to the clean-up of stocks of obsolete pesticides and to the prevention of new stockpiles. Globally the commitment is focussed on the safe destruction of stocks originally supplied by leading CropLife member companies, through an agreed mechanism which finances the cost of safe disposal, and where appropriate, project facilitation.