Safe and sustainable use of pesticides


Summary of the issue

The crop protection industry is active in support of the EU framework for the safe and sustainable use of pesticides, which proposes measures for closer monitoring, increased training and information for users as well as specific measures for the usage of pesticides for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment.

Why it’s important

The safe and sustainable use of crop protection products is improved with practical knowhow and skills. As part of the crop protection industry’s on-going commitment to safe and sustainable use, the industry provides training in the responsible use of crop protection products with a focus on operator safety and covering all aspects in the handling and use of crop protection products.

Discover more

ECPA's Safe and Sustainable Use Initiative (SUI) project delivers advice on what to wear when pesticides are handled, where and how they should be stored, and how to apply them. Explore the SUI project here. We also support national level Container Management Schemes to protect farmers and the environment from unnecessary exposure; discover more here.

Supporting documents

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    ECPA view - Indicators for the sustainable use of Plant Protection Products

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    Safe and Sustainable Use Initiative (Report)