Organic agriculture


Summary of the issue

Organic agriculture serves a successful niche market and the crop protection industry supports its development in the EU. ECPA member companies manufacture pesticides used by EU organic farmers and are active members of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Board.

Why it’s important

Compared to modern agricultural practices, organic production is inefficient and produces lower yields. It is acknowledged that organic production methods alone do not have the capacity to satisfy global food demand and the inefficiency of organic farming is at odds with the resource efficiency required for sustainable productivity. The crop protection industry considers organic farming an important niche market that can complement modern sustainable production methods such as those practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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ECPA supports sustainable agricultural practices including implementation of IPM through a range of stewardship initiatives; discover more about IPM-related stewardship here.

Supporting documents

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    IPM Infographic - quick reference overview of IPM basics