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Intellectual Property


Summary of the issue

The term Intellectual Property (IP), sometimes also called industrial property, is utilised in many contexts, but is sometimes misused and/or misunderstood. By definition the term encompasses any creation of the intellect which is given the legal status of property. It broadly describes all the recognised forms of such intellectual property, including: patents, trade secret, protection of regulatory data, copyright, and trademark.

Why is it important

The crop protection industry is concerned with five types of protection patents, trade secrets, protection of safety and efficacy data, trademark and copyright. Each varies greatly in how they are acquired, what length of protection is provided, and how they are used. Despite these differences, however these rights all share the fact that they are granted and enforced independently by national governments.

Discover more

For additional information, consult the below report 'Guide to intellectual property for the crop protection industry'.

Supporting documents

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    Guide to intellectual property for the crop protection industry (Report)

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    ECPA, EFPIA and IFAH-Europe Position on SPCs in the Unitary Patent System


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