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Counterfeit & Illegal Pesticides


Summary of the issue

Counterfeit and illegal pesticides are being produced, marketed and sold by criminals around the world. Improved access to technology and legislative loopholes facilitates the trade of counterfeit and illegal products. This is serious organised crime.

Why it’s important

Counterfeit and illegal pesticides are untested and unauthorised. They can result in yield losses for farmers, and potentially pose risks to human health and the environment. ECPA works with authorities and supports communication activities to raise awareness and help bring an end to the trade in counterfeit and illegal pesticides. Counterfeit and illegal pesticides arrive on the European market primarily via smuggling or under the cover of illegal parallel imports.

Discover more

For more information on counterfeit and illegal pesticides and contact numbers to report suspicious products/activity, visit

CropLife International also hosts an information resource on international efforts against counterfeit pesticides - here.

Supporting documents

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    Illegal pesticides - don't put your farm at risk (Flyer)

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    ECPA Infographic against counterfeit & illegal pesticides



Lukasz Wozniacki
Senior Government Affairs & Anti-Counterfeit Manager