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Circular Economy


Summary of the issue

Today’s mostly linear approach to resource use (extract-create-dispose) is unsustainable and contributes towards the so called ‘global resource crunch’. The circular economy offers to reinvent the economy of resource use to make it sustainable, cleaner and more competitive. In this context, the European Commission is developing a Circular Economy Package to cut resource use, reduce waste and boost recycling.

Why it's important

In line with the EU’s Circular Economy Package, ECPA supports a more sustainable use of resources through activities including the delivery of Container Management Schemes across the EU, the innovation of safe and sustainable packaging solutions, and working with partners across the agri-food chain to contribute to reducing food waste.

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ECPA supports national level Container Management Schemes that see the safe cleaning, collection and recycling of used pesticide containers across Europe. For an overview of ECPA's Container Management Schemes, click here

ECPA is signatory of the joint EU level food waste declaration 'Every crumb counts'.