Summary of the issue

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) aims to enable farmers to meet the various demands of society – from food production to environmental protection. To move towards sustainable productivity CAP reforms attempt to answer to economic, social, environmental, technological and climate-related challenges. 

Why it's important

The CAP plays a key role in making sure that EU farmers can meet European consumers’ demands in providing safe and high quality food, as well as being a key contributor to ensuring food security worldwide. In order to meet these demands, ECPA believes that farmers need to have access to innovative technologies and solutions in order to optimise their production potential and to remain competitive in an increasingly globalised market. The European crop protection industry is proud to provide farmers with tools that support sustainable food production and looks forward to continued stakeholder collaboration for sustainable productivity. 47% of EU territory is farmland and is managed by more than 12 million full-time farmers.


Michal Kicinski
Senior Agricultural Sustainability Manager