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Press Release Industry Data Transparency

Crop Protection Industry Launches Global Transparency Initiative
News Release 26th March 2018

Providing better access to safety data
Today, as part of a global voluntary commitment, CropLife International member companies and
ECPA’s 23 member companies affirmed their commitment to enable more public access to safety
data related to their products. This initiative stems from the industry’s commitment to transparency,
responsibility and sustainability.

The commitment is a response to a clear demand from society to make the safety data more easily
accessible to the public, to provide greater transparency, and to increase trust in the approval
process. Access to safety data for non-commercial purposes will be provided by the individual

“We have heard the concerns voiced by society. We want people to see that we are really listening
and taking action to address their concerns. This was an obvious step. We want consumers and
politicians to see that we have nothing to hide.”
– said Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Director General of
European Crop Protection Association ECPA.

“With this initiative we are taking an important step in providing the public with better access to
safety-relevant data about crop protection products”, said Howard Minigh, President and CEO of
CropLife International. “The initiative is aimed at promoting transparency and demonstrating the
unprecedented high safety standards required for crop protection products’ registration. As a
responsible industry we want to have an open dialogue with the public so they can make informed
decisions about safety of crop protection products and understand the commitment of regulators
and industry to the health of people and environmental protection.”

We are committed to continue to proactively engage in conversations with all stakeholders to
explain the existing regulatory process and the safety, efficacy and benefits of crop protection
products. As part of the initiative a website has been launched to explain what regulatory data is
needed to register a pesticide and where to find that data. The website also explains what is meant
by confidential business information (CBI) and how CBI facilitates the development of sustainable
crop protection innovations.
Learn more about the initiative on the dedicated CropLife International website and ECPA website

Notes to Editor:
1. ECPA members are: Adama, BASF, Bayer, Corteva Agriscience (Agriculture Division of DowDuPont), FMC, Monsanto,
Syngenta, Albaugh, Arysta LifeScience, Belchim, Certis, De Sangosse, Gowan, Helm, ISK Biosciences, Janssen, Mitsui
Chemicals, Nufarms, SBM, Sipcam, Sumitomo, Taminco, UPL.

2. Here is ECPA member company statement in full:
The commitment:
ECPA member companies are among the world’s leading developers of crop protection solutions which enable farmers to
produce food for a growing world in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.
While the product authorisation process is the essential assurance to farmers and consumers that crop protection products
meet the highest standards for safety, efficacy and quality, the effective transparency of safety data submitted to regulatory
agencies can further enhance public confidence and strengthen the understanding of the stringent safety standards of crop
protection products, as well as enhance trust in the product authorization process.
ECPA member companies are committed to increased transparency of safety data in order to better engage in dialog with
society to increase understanding and build trust. As a first step, ECPA and CropLife International and its member companies
are developing straightforward ways to enable non-commercial access to safety-relevant information.
In addition, CropLife International is developing an industry website to provide additional context and background
information, as well as links to transparency initiatives of its member companies.

3. ECPA represents the crop protection industry in Europe. Our members develop innovative and science-based solutions
that keep crops healthy and contribute to provide Europeans a safe, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food supply.
The European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) represents the crop protection industry interests at
European level. Its members include all major companies and national associations across Europe. For more


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