The Covid-19 is unprecedented and is dramatically affecting many of us.

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#FarmersDontStop and we cannot stop


Have you considered what the future might look like with and without pesticides? Check out this video featuring a farmer who grows organically and conventionally.

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ECPA’s recent dialogue video highlights Integrated Pest Management


ECPA is a sponsor of this years AgChem & Technology Europe Congress with active participation of Graeme Taylor as a speaker.

The main topic will be "Facilitating the innovation of sustainable R&D, formulations and application technologies within agriculture."

20-21 November 2018   

London, UK


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ECPA is a sponsor of the AgChem and Technology Congress in London

Reports - Infographics

Counterfeit and illegal pesticides pose a risk to farmers' health, the environment and the economy. Here's how you can support the fight against them.

ECPA activities against counterfeit & illegal pesticides

Promoting the safe and sustainable use of pesticides is an industry priority.

Our stewardship activities

A common language is vital for developing a mutual understanding. Help us do that by downloading this glossary of biodiversity & ecosystem services-related terminologies.

BESS Resource Paper / Glossary

Multimedia Bank

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Let’s Cook! Ep. 3 with MEP Julie Girling: EU food production, policy and...

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Let’s Cook! Ep. 2: Public (Mis)perceptions about food safety

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Integrated Pest Management: How It Works and Why It's Important