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Container management project launched in Slovakia (Article)
Published on 08-01-2015
Slovakia DSCF3222
Next step in the ECPA Residues Management Project (Article)
Published on 19-11-2014
Every container counts (Article)
Published on 17-11-2014
Another Container Management program launched (Article)
Published on 31-10-2014
Slovakia DSCF3222
A well packaged programme (Article)
Published on 18-10-2014
New brochure: Pesticides and sustainable agriculture (Article)
Published on 30-09-2014
Recycling success in Bulgaria (Article)
Published on 02-09-2014
Container management: building on success in Serbia (Article)
Published on 02-09-2014
Minor use, major value (Article)
Published on 27-03-2014
Minor Use postcard - Spring onion - reverse
Water counts (Article)
Published on 21-03-2014
We see the protection of water as a key pillar of our work. (Photo: 'Doug Wheller' Flickr)
ECPA statement on recent study making new claims about pesticide safety (Article)
Published on 06-02-2014
Unfortunately, the recent publication by Séralini fails to meet required scientific standards. (Photo: 'Sergei Gloyshev' Flickr)
Crop protection industry committed to the ENVIFOOD Protocol (Article)
Published on 18-12-2013
We see a lot of labels, statements, and product declarations that can cause confusion or might even mislead consumers and other stakeholders. ENVIFOOD protocol supports clearer environmental assessments of food and drink products.
Leading by example (Article)
Published on 25-11-2013
Workshops can also include interactive tools to share the basic principles and best management practices from projects in Health, Food, Water, and the Biodiversity stream
Innovation matters (Article)
Published on 24-10-2013
If Europe is to stay competitive we must protect our harvests. (Photo: 'кiт-кaтн Halкeтт' Flickr)
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