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Pesticides: Food Safety & Dietary Risk Assessment (Event)
Published on 18-09-2014
Published on 23-05-2014
Minor use, major value (Article)
Published on 27-03-2014
Minor Use postcard - Spring onion - reverse
The 12th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition (Event)
Published on 11-02-2014
Innovation matters (Article)
Published on 24-10-2013
If Europe is to stay competitive we must protect our harvests. (Photo: 'кiт-кaтн Halкeтт' Flickr)
9 billion reasons to talk about crop protection (Article)
Published on 16-10-2013
Feeding the world’s growing population – expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050 – is one of the greatest challenges we face. (Photo: 'Marc Sardon' Flickr)
Crop protection R&D declining in Europe, new study shows (News item)
Published on 02-10-2013
The European market’s share of total worldwide R&D expenditure for new product development in agricultural life sciences is just 7.7% today compared to 33% in the 1980s. (Photo: 'cranneyanthony' Flickr)
How to make European agriculture more productive, efficient and sustainable (News item)
Published on 26-09-2013
Policy measures do need to focus on sustainability – and it is clear that productivity and growth in agriculture are important elements in ensuring sustainability. (Photo: 'Florin Gorgan' Flickr)
5th European Innovation Summit (Event)
Published on 23-07-2013
Towards a resource efficient agriculture in Europe (Video)
Published on 19-12-2012
See video
The value of innovation and science (Article)
Published on 19-10-2012
Csaba Sándor Tabajdi (MEP) talked of the importance of providing the public with an objective point-of-view. (Photo: 'K4i')
4th European Innovation Summit (News item)
Published on 21-09-2012
The Knowledge4Innovation Forum will continue the success story of the last three years. (Illustration: 'nyoin' Flickr)
Innovation critical in fight to save food (News item)
Published on 20-09-2012
A slump in European wheat productivity would be a disaster for European markets and a serious blow to global food security. (Photo: 'mr.bologna' Flickr)
Assessment of the Economic Importance of Azoles in European Agriculture: Wheat Case Study (Article)
Published on 12-09-2012
The yield of wheat would decrease in the hypothesis that the use of azoles ceased - resulting in a loss of production. (Photo: 'net_efekt' Flickr)
ECPA Annual Conference (Event)
Published on 04-05-2012
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