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Minor use, major value (Article)
Published on 27-03-2014
Minor Use postcard - Spring onion - reverse
Crop protection industry committed to the ENVIFOOD Protocol (Article)
Published on 18-12-2013
We see a lot of labels, statements, and product declarations that can cause confusion or might even mislead consumers and other stakeholders. ENVIFOOD protocol supports clearer environmental assessments of food and drink products.
Crop diversity, food safety and food security under threat in Europe (News item)
Published on 03-12-2013
"Solutions for minor uses and speciality crops are needed to ensure the competitiveness of the entire agri-food chain and high quality products for European consumers” said Paolo De Castro, COMAGRI Chair.
9 billion reasons to talk about crop protection (Article)
Published on 16-10-2013
Feeding the world’s growing population – expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050 – is one of the greatest challenges we face. (Photo: 'Marc Sardon' Flickr)
Hungry for Change 2 - European Crop Protection Association conference conclusions (Video)
Published on 18-06-2013
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Pesticide residues - What are Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs), and is my food safe? (Video)
Published on 15-04-2013
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ECPA stakeholder gathering drives change for sustainable productive agriculture (Article)
Published on 12-04-2013
Exchanges focused on maintaining healthy biodiversity and productive agriculture, management of pesticides residues on food, farmer health, and minimising pesticide run-off to water.
EFSA Report concludes higher pesticide residue compliance rate (News item)
Published on 12-03-2013
Year after year we see a higher and higher level of compliance with MRLs - good news for European consumers, farmers and the crop protection industry. (Photo: 'dounieka' Flickr)
Hungry for Change 2 (Event)
Published on 25-02-2013
Mediterranean greenhouse production – lessons learned (News item)
Published on 06-02-2013
Improvements have been made within the past years; exceedances of Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) have diminished and residues in general have been declining. (Photo: 'LollyKnit' Flickr)
Food and crop diversity under threat in Europe (News item)
Published on 18-12-2012
Lack of proper tools compromises the diversity of high quality food in Europe and impacts the competitiveness of the entire agri-food chain. (Photo: Flickr 'Fovea Centralis')
The European Food Security Conference (Event)
Published on 14-09-2012
Global food price rise must prompt EU re-think on science-based agriculture (News item)
Published on 10-08-2012
According to FAO, cereal values increased by 17% and sugar prices rose by 12%, while extensive drought damage in the US pushed maize prices up by almost 23% in a single month. (Photo: 'seemakk' Flickr)
The importance of securing global food supply (News item)
Published on 26-04-2012
The report highlights the very serious risks of failing to tackle the global challenge of food security - from human terror and civil unrest to trade disruption and mass migration. (Photo: 'Peter Casier')
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