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An ECPA Event: 'Hungry for Change: Pesticides and Sustainable Agriculture' (Event)
Published on 25-11-2014
Agrisciences Young Researchers 2015: Crop Production, Protection (Event)
Published on 01-04-2015
New EFSA Annual Pesticide Residues Report confirms safety of Europe’s food (News item)
Published on 12-03-2015
Economist Events: Feeding the World 2015 (Event)
Published on 18-12-2014
Pesticide control – very high level of compliance with MRLs (News item)
Published on 11-12-2014
Next step in the ECPA Residues Management Project (Article)
Published on 19-11-2014
Pesticides: Food Safety & Dietary Risk Assessment (Event)
Published on 18-09-2014
Publications (Information page)
Published on 21-05-2014
EFSA Report shows continued high compliance rate on pesticide residues (News item)
Published on 20-05-2014
The crop protection industry takes consumers’ concerns about pesticide residues and the assessment of multiple residues seriously. (Photo: 'Nancy Regan' Flickr')
Crop protection solutions urgently needed in the EU to preserve safety and diversity of agri-food products (News item)
Published on 19-05-2014
“These may be referred to as “minor crops”, but they are of major importance to the European economy, and to consumers,” said Jean-Charles Bocquet, Director General of the European Crop Protection(Photo Flickr: FRANOC table grapes (1) - Bayer CropScience)
Minor use, major value (Article)
Published on 27-03-2014
Minor Use postcard - Spring onion - reverse
Crop protection industry committed to the ENVIFOOD Protocol (Article)
Published on 18-12-2013
We see a lot of labels, statements, and product declarations that can cause confusion or might even mislead consumers and other stakeholders. ENVIFOOD protocol supports clearer environmental assessments of food and drink products.
Crop diversity, food safety and food security under threat in Europe (News item)
Published on 03-12-2013
"Solutions for minor uses and speciality crops are needed to ensure the competitiveness of the entire agri-food chain and high quality products for European consumers” said Paolo De Castro, COMAGRI Chair.
9 billion reasons to talk about crop protection (Article)
Published on 16-10-2013
Feeding the world’s growing population – expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050 – is one of the greatest challenges we face. (Photo: 'Marc Sardon' Flickr)
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