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Innovation matters (Article)
Published on 24-10-2013
If Europe is to stay competitive we must protect our harvests. (Photo: 'кiт-кaтн Halкeтт' Flickr)
Towards a resource efficient agriculture in Europe (Video)
Published on 19-12-2012
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Plant science improves lives (News item)
Published on 01-03-2012
Advances in plant science offer exciting opportunities to improve the yield, quality and climate resilience of our major food crops. (Photo: 'thinkpanama' Flickr)
Plant science critical to planet under pressure (News item)
Published on 31-01-2012
Are EU leaders missing the opportunity to place European agriculture as a key player in the UN's 'new political economy'? (Photo: 'David Blackwell' Flickr)
Feeding the World - the 9 billion people question (Event)
Published on 01-01-2012
Feast or Famine (Video)
Published on 01-11-2011
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Crop protection vital to feeding 7 billion people (News item)
Published on 21-10-2011
Without effective tools to protect crops against yield losses caused by weeds, pests and diseases, global food production would fall by 40%. (Photo: 'jjelenbaas' Flickr)
Communication is key to debate on role of science in food production (News item)
Published on 16-09-2011
A recent shoppers survey report commissioned by CPA highlights the impact of recent food price rises on consumer attitudes. (Photo: 'thatcarrie' Flickr)
Growing knowledge and food (Article)
Published on 07-09-2011
You can play at being a farmer online; whilst a game reminds us that food is farmed, it teaches us little about the challenges of agriculture. (Photo: 'Idlepines' Flickr)
Shopper trends, global food security and the role of science in the food chain (Article)
Published on 04-07-2011
Almost two-thirds (64%) of those surveyed agreed that the era of cheap food was over, while 78% believed the UK should become more self-sufficient in food production. (Photo: 'fitzgerrell' Flickr)
The outlook for EU agriculture: Causes, constraints and challenges for productivity (Event)
Published on 29-06-2011
Oxfam right to highlight food security challenge but hi-tech agriculture cannot be ruled out (News item)
Published on 01-06-2011
Oxfam's GROW campaign is launching in more than 40 countries, but is it missing the point on modern agriculture? (Photo: 'Oxfam International' flickr)
Neglecting productivity leads to import-dependency... and the price is paid at the grocery counter (News item)
Published on 11-02-2011
Fruit Logistica is the biggest trade show for fresh produce in the world. (Photo: 'Grupo THM' flickr)
Food security necessitates the sustainable increase of agricultural productivity (News item)
Published on 08-02-2011
Reducing productivity by regulation and subsidy in Europe has led to the rapid expansion of land dedicated to European food needs elsewhere. (Photo: 'Michelle Middleton' flickr)
International perspectives on food prices (Article)
Published on 11-01-2011
Opportunities to expand arable land are limited and not sustainable. To achieve production increases without damaging the environment, we need to increase yields on land already under production.
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