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Let's keep Europe growing: A new vision for the future of agriculture (News item)
Published on 31-03-2014
A Vision for the Future of Europe. ECPA makes 5 key policy recommendations to boost innovation, competitiveness, and sustainable agricultural productivity.
Innovation critical in fight to save food (News item)
Published on 20-09-2012
A slump in European wheat productivity would be a disaster for European markets and a serious blow to global food security. (Photo: 'mr.bologna' Flickr)
Assessment of the Economic Importance of Azoles in European Agriculture: Wheat Case Study (Article)
Published on 12-09-2012
The yield of wheat would decrease in the hypothesis that the use of azoles ceased - resulting in a loss of production. (Photo: 'net_efekt' Flickr)
Global food price rise must prompt EU re-think on science-based agriculture (News item)
Published on 10-08-2012
According to FAO, cereal values increased by 17% and sugar prices rose by 12%, while extensive drought damage in the US pushed maize prices up by almost 23% in a single month. (Photo: 'seemakk' Flickr)
The importance of securing global food supply (News item)
Published on 26-04-2012
The report highlights the very serious risks of failing to tackle the global challenge of food security - from human terror and civil unrest to trade disruption and mass migration. (Photo: 'Peter Casier')
Plant science improves lives (News item)
Published on 01-03-2012
Advances in plant science offer exciting opportunities to improve the yield, quality and climate resilience of our major food crops. (Photo: 'thinkpanama' Flickr)
5th Forum for the Future of Agriculture (Event)
Published on 28-02-2012
The 9 billion people question (part 2) (Article)
Published on 24-02-2012
Protecting crops and avoiding crop loss to pests and disease is a significant contribution to sustainable agriculture. (Photo: 'CIMMYT' Flickr)
Innovating a sustainable future (News item)
Published on 23-02-2012
Farmers can only fulfill their pivotal role whilst meeting society’s expectations if agriculture remains an innovative sector. (Photo: 'IRRI Images')
Food Security is National Security (News item)
Published on 23-02-2012
Hurricane Katrina approaching the Gulf Coast, 28th August 2005. Natural disasters can lead to rapid collapse of infrastructure and services which support large urban populations. (Photo: NASA)
The 9 billion people question (part 1) (Article)
Published on 16-02-2012
“Yes, we can feed the world” The optimistic opener from José Graziano da Silva, Director General of the FAO. (Photo: 'ConferencesCEMEA' Flickr)
Plant science critical to planet under pressure (News item)
Published on 31-01-2012
Are EU leaders missing the opportunity to place European agriculture as a key player in the UN's 'new political economy'? (Photo: 'David Blackwell' Flickr)
Agriculture needs innovation boost (News item)
Published on 26-01-2012
Innovation in agriculture is key to avoiding future food shortages. (Photo: 'Sokwanele - Zimbabwe' Flickr)
Farming sustainably - for the long term (Article)
Published on 26-01-2012
Improved understanding of complex environmental and agricultural systems can deliver a sustainable food-secure future. (Photo: 'Kasaa' Flickr)
Hi-tech agriculture needed to tackle food poverty crisis (News item)
Published on 24-01-2012
The CPA recalls UK consumer research indicating that most shoppers believe science should be applied to help increase food output. (Photo: 'UK Parliament' Flickr)
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