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Sustainable agriculture to promote biodiversity (News item)
Published on 22-05-2014
INSPIA farms will provide good example of the successful synergy that can be achieved between biodiversity and sustainable agriculture
Pollinators and Agriculture: Agricultural productivity and pollinator protection (News item)
Published on 10-09-2013
The honey bee is considered the most important insect pollinator in agriculture; the reason for declines in honey bee populations are the subject of much debate. (Photo: 'Quinten Questel' Flickr)
Hungry for Change 2 - European Crop Protection Association conference conclusions (Video)
Published on 18-06-2013
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New report: Pesticides and Biodiversity (News item)
Published on 16-04-2013
The report takes a close look at European regulation and key best practices solutions for combining agricultural productivity with the preservation of biodiversity. (Photo: 'jonboy mitchell' Flickr)
Failure to reach consensus on important pesticides in EU Committee vote (News item)
Published on 15-03-2013
The crop protection industry understands and supports concerns over bee health and the need to ensure that pesticides do not have any negative impact on bees. (Photo: 'Gwendolyn Stansbury' Flickr)
Pesticides and Pollinators (Video)
Published on 15-03-2013
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Bee health and pesticides (News item)
Published on 01-06-2012
Recent research findings fail to account for the many factors that impact bee and colony health in real life (Photo: 'Goshzilla - Dann' Flickr)
Good natured (Article)
Published on 22-05-2012
As the world looks for sustainable solutions to feed a growing population, steps must be taken to avoid the unnecessary conversion of natural areas into farmland. (Photo: 'cropprotection' Flickr)
Plant science critical to planet under pressure (News item)
Published on 31-01-2012
Are EU leaders missing the opportunity to place European agriculture as a key player in the UN's 'new political economy'? (Photo: 'David Blackwell' Flickr)
Time to Change: Accepting the challenge (Video)
Published on 09-12-2011
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World Soil Day (News item)
Published on 05-12-2011
Soil is essential for agricultural production, its quality and abundance a key factor in agricultural productivity. (Photo: ‘lanier67’ Flickr)
Time to Change: The 'Time to Change' project team speaks (Video)
Published on 28-11-2011
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Conference to explore pollinators and agriculture in Europe (News item)
Published on 27-06-2011
The collective contribution of pollinators to our diet is essential, however, the dynamics of their current status is complex and often misinterpreted. (Photo: 'gwburke2001' flickr)
Crop protection is biodiversity protection (News item)
Published on 19-05-2011
Maximising productivity on the farmland that we have reduces demand for new farmland. (Photo: 'Aerial Photography' flickr)
International Day for Biodiversity 2011 - The Future of Food and Farming (Article)
Published on 19-05-2011
"This is a unique time in history - decisions made now and over the next few decades will disproportionately influence the future of agriculture and food security," Prof. John Beddington FRS (UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser)
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