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The Endocrine System is the body’s mechanism for controlling hormones – which control a number of essential bodily functions, including growth and development. Here’s how it works…

Understanding the Endocrine System

The environmental benefits of field margins depend upon how they are implemented and managed, and where they are located within the landscape. Arable field margins are an important tool used in agri-environment schemes throughout the EU.

Multifunctional Role of Field Margins in Arable Farming (science poster)

A consumer survey fielded in April 2016 by YouGov Plc has shed light on European adults’ understanding the realities of food production.

Consumer Understanding of the Global Food Challenge

Agrochemical Research and development: - The Cost of New Product Discovery, Development and Registration - Industry R&D expenditure in 2014 and expectations for 2019 A Consultancy Study for CLI and ECPA

Agrochemical research and development (R&D report 2016)

INSPIA promotes sustainable management practices for agriculture that protect the ecosystem services provided by biodiversity, and contribute to safeguarding the soil and water resources on which sustainable agricultural productivity depends

INSPIA - European Index for Sustainable Productive Agriculture

IPM is a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture that focuses on managing insects, weeds and diseases through a combination of cultural, biological and chemical measures that are cost effective, environmentally sound and socially acceptable.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The agricultural trade of the European Union: Consequences for virtual land trade and self-sufficiency

Consequences for virtual land trade and self-sufficiency

Productive agriculture requires a reliable supply of good quality fresh water

Pesticides and Freshwater Biodiversity

About ECPA pesticide container management programmes

Pesticide container management

A brief overview of some of the many crop protection industry initiatives contributing to sustainable productive agriculture

Pesticides and Sustainable Agriculture

About the crop protection industry's Safe and Sustainable Use project

Protecting more than crops

Field margins are increasingly being considered as vital habitat for biodiversity in agricultural landscapes

Multifunctional Role of Field Margins in Arable Farming

Gavin Whitmore
Senior Manager Biodiversity & Communication