With or without pesticides?

When piled high with fresh produce, supermarket shelves do little to communicate the challenges of food production.

We depend on farmers to produce more food, feed and fibre to satisfy the demands of a growing population. We expect food to be safe, affordable and nutritious, and we challenge the agricultural sector to contribute to economic growth, social wellbeing, and environmental protection.

Pesticides contribute by protecting crops from devastating pests and diseases, and keeping pests and pathogens out of the food chain; they also help farmers secure food supply with an efficient use of ever-scarcer natural resources.

ECPA represents the crop protection industry in Europe, and promotes the safe and sustainable use of pesticides to bring benefits to you, the farmer, and the environment.

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Given that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that up to 40% of global crop yields are lost each year due to pests, can food production be increased without pesticides?

Supporting documents

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