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Crop protection industry’s new policy vision aims to promote innovation, create jobs and ensure sustainable productivity

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A vision for Europe


Agri-food chain coalition calls for more ambitious EU approach on minor uses and specialty crops to preserve safety and diversity of agri-food products 

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New crop protection solutions urgently needed in the EU


Europe’s agricultural and food business calls for better and smarter policy-making that fosters innovation and creates jobs to ensure the EU agri-food chain becomes more productive and resource efficient

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Agri‐Food Businesses call for an EU policy shift towards innovation


EU agriculture sector is calling for new policy framework that is friendlier to innovation, jobs and growth, and which takes a balanced, science-based approach to regulation

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Let's keep Europe growing: A vision for the future of agriculture


Launch of a photo exhibition on the new Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020: Future for farmers, future for society and outlined priorities for the future

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Framing the future priorities of agriculture


More than 300 representatives of plant protection industry, regulators, national authorities and agricultural and environmental stakeholders consider legislative challenges in Regulation 1107/2009 

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The future of plant protection product regulations


CropLife America (CLA) and the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) call for more harmonised risk assessment framework for pesticide regulations

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Industry urges stronger regulatory framework between U.S. and EU


Conference participants confirm that Europe needs to do more to improve availability of tailor-made plant protection solutions for minor uses and specialty crops

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Crop diversity, food safety and food security under threat in Europe

Graeme Taylor
Director of Public Affairs