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$286 million and 11 years of research and development to ensure the highest safety and efficacy standards
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Cost of Crop Protection Innovation Increases to $286 Million per Product


Seminar sees European Parliament address benefits of conservation agriculture

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Making sustainable agriculture real


Major event organised jointly by Politico and ECPA

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ECPA stresses science should underpin not undermine innovation


Europol support 12-day international operation including 350 inspections at major ports and airports in seven countries

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Huge seizure of 190 tonnes of counterfeit pesticides


Industry calls for policies that promote, rather than stifle innovation

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Facts versus feelings on food security


Leading EU agriculture and food industries repeat call for innovation to be considered at every stage of legislative process

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EU industry calls for innovation in agriculture


Introducing new generation of crop protection measures that integrates all elements of the farming process to protect health and environment

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The integrated approach: feeding a growing world sustainably


Meet Graeme Taylor, ECPA’s new Director of Public Affairs

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Graeme Taylor - new Director of Public Affairs


Agri-Food Chain Coalition presents “Food for Thought: a vision for unlocking the potential of agriculture and food industries in the EU” to Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan

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EU agri-food sector associations call for policy support for innovation


Agri-Food Chain Roundtable for Plant Protection presents their concerns on the competitiveness of the entire agri-food chain and the supply of high quality products for European consumers

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Our favourite fruits, vegetables, nuts and many more are at risk


ECPA’s view on the conclusions from Working Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that categorised three active ingredients as cancer hazards to humans

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Statement on IARC's Carcinogenic Review of Active Ingredients


Partnership – this year’s theme at the Safe and Sustainable Use Initiative annual conference

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Protecting farmers and crops

Graeme Taylor
Director of Public Affairs