Timely reports underline importance of innovation for European agriculture
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Parliament calls for technological and innovative solutions for farming

Failure to re-approve threatens competitiveness of European agriculture, the environment, and ability of farmers to produce safe, affordable food
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ECPA reaction to 6th June SCoPAFF glyphosate 'no opinion'

Prize granted every other year for contribution to Replacement, Reduction or Refinement of animal testing
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EPAA launches 2016 science prize


Report addresses key issues and challenges including precision farming, big data and informatics, soil, water and nutrient management, and precision breeding

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AFCC backs report on tech solutions for sustainable agriculture


Further delay disappointing, but no expectation that Member States rush to decision on important issue

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ECPA reaction to SCoPAFF glyphosate decision delay


Improving our communication of important industry stewardship

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ECPA welcomes Andreas Thierfelder as Director of Stewardship and...


Only 4% correctly estimate that world food production must increase 60% by 2050

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Study: Consumers underestimate severity of global food challenge

ECPA welcomes European Parliament decision
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European Parliament vote on glyphosate

$286 million and 11 years of research and development to ensure the highest safety and efficacy standards
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Cost of Crop Protection Innovation Increases to $286 Million per Product


Seminar sees European Parliament address benefits of conservation agriculture

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Making sustainable agriculture real


Major event organised jointly by Politico and ECPA

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ECPA stresses science should underpin not undermine innovation


Europol support 12-day international operation including 350 inspections at major ports and airports in seven countries

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Huge seizure of 190 tonnes of counterfeit pesticides

Graeme Taylor
Director of Public Affairs