A vision for Europe

Crop protection industry urges new direction on EU future

Europe’s political landscape is shifting dramatically, with new MEPs and a new Commission President taking office. They will be confronted with many challenges, including: loss of innovation and competitiveness in the EU and the continued need to feed a growing population with ever-scarcer natural resources.

The EU needs to act on a range of initiatives to ensure Europe’s place as a world leader in promoting innovation, creating jobs and ensuring sustainable productivity.

The crop protection industry has developed a new policy vision to launch an open and meaningful discussion on how we can make this happen. Our vision for Europe’s sustainable and productive future includes five key policy recommendations:

  1. Build a science-based policy framework that balances risks and benefits in policy-making and improves coordination between risk assessment and risk management  
  2. Implement smarter and better regulation by running a regulatory fitness check of our sector and improving impact assessment in policy-making  
  3. Ensure consistency between EU policies and international agreements, allowing fair trade and ensuring competitiveness for European agriculture and industry  
  4. Foster innovation by adopting an Innovation Principle in EU decision-making and reinforcing protection of intellectual property rights  
  5. Boost agricultural productivity and competitiveness in a sustainable way 

"Our industry is committed to contributing to a stronger Europe by supporting sustainable, resource-efficient, competitive and productive agriculture,” said Jean-Charles Bocquet, Director General of the European Crop Protection Association.“The solutions we provide to farmers bring significant benefits to society: healthy, high-quality and affordable food; economic stability; resource efficiency; and improved biodiversity. To keep delivering we need a European framework that fosters rather than discourages innovation.”

To find out more and to join the discussion, please visit www.visionforeurope.eu

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