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A look at the benefits of seed treatment technology, including footage of the treatment process, and interviews with farmers and seed treatment professionals
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The Benefits of Seed Treatment Technology for Crop Protection

Safe and Sustainable Use Initiative (SUI) Annual Conference 2013 - Bratislava, Slovakia, June 2013
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SUI Annual Conference 2013

Conclusions from the 2013 'Hungry for Change 2' conference; the European Crop Protection Association's second event in an ongoing series of gatherings for stakeholder dialogue
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Hungry for Change 2013: Conference conclusions

The 2013 edition of ECPA's Hungry for Change conferences - Brussels, April 2013
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Hungry for Change conference 2013

The crop protection industry is committed to enhancing biodiversity and natural habitats within farming landscapes
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Pesticides and Pollinators: Bee testing and pollinator health


ECPA's annual conference - Malta, 2012

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ECPA Annual event 2012

Increasing quantities of fake pesticides are being produced, marketed and sold around the world, while advances in technology and exploiting legislative loopholes facilitates the spread of fake products
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Stopping Counterfeit and Illegal Pesticides

The import and entry of non-EU approved pesticides is illegal, but by exploiting loopholes in several pieces of legislation they are permitted entry into the EU and find their way to farmers and onto European crops
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Pay attention to where you buy pesticides


Expert and stakeholders discuss the TOPPS prowadis project for the reduction of diffuse source water pollution

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Reducing diffuse source pollution of water

In this instalment of interviews recorded during the 2011 'Hungry for Change' conference and exhibition, industry representatives and stakeholders reflect on crop protection industry vision for change
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Time to Change: Demonstrating the change


ECPA's first Hungry for Change event - Brussels, November 2011

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Hungry for Change 2011

10% of pesticides in circulation are illegal. Our investigation into criminal organisations that have infiltrated this market
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8 minute story about illegal pesticides

Gavin Whitmore
Senior Manager Biodiversity & Communication